Why Should your Company exhibit at Trade Shows?

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The ability to be seen and heard by prospective clients is one of the greatest needs of any business, no matter what size. In today’s rapidly changing business environment, it is now more important than ever for all businesses to be more creative with how they reach their target market and make leads, follow through with sales and most importantly build relationships with clients face to face. Here we take a look at some of the reasons why we think your company should be exhibiting at trade shows.


Face-to-face contact

Both current and prospective customers will frequent the trade shows you attend, so its an efficient and very personal way to network and build relationships. Not only that but you are able to sell directly to your target audience.

Product Demonstration

People attend trade shows to seek out new products and services. Thus being an excellent opportunity for your company to showcase those new products. Attendees are able to see how your product/service works and can fulfill the need that their particular business has. This also works great if you can co-ordinate a product launch with a trade show. Invite customers and prospects to come and see your new offering.

Scope out competition

You’ll be able to get a clear picture of your competitors and their marketing strategy and take a glimpse of their directions by attending trade shows.


This is seen as one of the most important aspects of a trade show, meeting people! You are able to rub elbows with manufacturers, agents and sales reps. All of which are in your field.

Free media exposure

A lot of trade shows generate a significant amount of media exposure and coverage. You are able to work with the shows public relations team to discuss any opportunities for your booth/stand to be featured. The result can mean additional free exposure in the form of trade magazines, social media and radio.


A lot of businesses are put off exhibiting at a trade shows because of the cost. Its true…developing a great trade show exhibit, training your staff members, and travelling to the event itself isn’t very cheap process. However, like most forms of marketing, with the right strategy, a trade show can be a very profitable choice.


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