Custom Exhibition Stand Design vs Modular Exhibition Stands…

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Trade shows and exhibitions offer ideal opportunities for companies to engage on a face-to-face basis with potential customers and attract valuable media coverage. Central to developing an effective showcase of the organisation’s success is supporting participation in these events with the right exhibition stand. With so many options available in terms of exhibition stand design, taking a planned approach is essential if the return on investment is to be maximised. One of the key decisions to make is whether to opt for a custom exhibition stand or a modular design. Here we explore the benefits of each approach and investigate what represents great exhibition stand design.

Underpinning issues to consider

As part of the planning process it is essential to establish the parameters of the exhibition stand project. Take time to develop a brief which addresses the following issues:

  • What is the budget for the exhibition stand?
  • What size of stand is required and how will it be transported?
  • Is the exhibition stand design required for a one-off event or will it be used on multiple occasions?
  • Do you want to incorporate technology into the stand?
  • Are there other design features such as colour, lighting etc. which the organisation has strong views about?

Gathering this information in advance of meeting with exhibition stand design specialists will ensure that decisions are well informed and based on the specific requirements of the company.


Modular exhibition systems

Modular exhibition stand designs are flexible, reusable and adaptable to a range of events, all at an accessible price point. For regular trade show participants modular systems offer a cost effective approach which, with the right design, can still deliver a high impact punch.

Long gone are the days where a pop up display was the only modular option available. Nowadays, modular systems come in all shapes and sizes and a wide variety of materials. They offer scope to incorporate whatever functionality is required including cutting edge technology and can often be built into a variety of shapes to provide a different look for different events.


Custom Exhibition Stands

The custom or bespoke approach involves a tailored design and build process which creates a unique exhibition stand design. A custom exhibition stand is ideal for companies which want to create a major impact with their display. The possibilities in terms of style, shape, colour and atmosphere are virtually limitless with a custom design and so these displays tend to grab centre stage at trade shows and exhibitions.

Although custom stands are usually developed with one particular event in mind, it is more than possible to reuse the stand. This makes a custom stand not only an exhibit with a wow factor but also one which earns its keep.


Exhibition stand design advice

Whether a custom design or modular system is selected, carefully consider the visual image you want to create. Even hugely successful companies sometimes need to review and revamp their approach to exhibition stand design, as corporate giant IMB recently discovered. Having launched a major initiative called ‘Smarter Planet,’ they realised that their trade show booths had been left behind and needed to keep pace with the innovation associated with this new approach. They worked closely with a specialist events and design team to overhaul the look and feel of their displays to support a meaningful dialogue about ‘Smarter Planet,’ with visitors to their stand. Also, like IMB work with partners who have a strong reputation and look forward to collectively generating display stand success.