Exhibitions and trade shows can generate a lot of interest for a business and with a variety of stand sizes and pricing options available, exhibition marketing is a viable option for almost any business of any type and size. Using exhibition stand contractors can help to ensure that you get the best results with custom stand design, the incorporation of technology and other factors and the benefit of experienced advice and technical designs.


Custom Design

You should utilise your custom brand design. This not only means using the colours associated with your business and its logo but any other branding factors. The best exhibition stand contractors will talk about your requirements, create a stand according to your design needs and then ensure that it portrays your brand message.


Branded Stands

Branding is vital to modern business. It helps your business stand out from the competition, relays the message that you want to get across and it ensures that your business or product is the first thing that your potential clients think about when they need a relevant service. By adding your own branding elements to your stand design you can develop a brand, promote an existing brand design and help to reinforce your brand image.


Incorporate Unique Features

Some of the most effective stand designs are those that offer or use something unique. Add technology, include unique lighting, offer something truly memorable so that your visitors and those that see your stand will remember it. Assuming that your stand is well branded they will remember your brand in a positive light and you will reap the rewards. Exhibition stand contractors can use unique designs, add additional elements and create something that will live long in the memory.


Experienced Advice

One of the greatest benefits of using experienced exhibition stand contractors is that they have experience in dealing with this type of project. They know how to include lighting, whether certain design elements will work and they will discuss your requirements and your desires to ensure that you get the best looking and the most effective stand for your exhibition marketing campaign. Nothing is left to chance.


Accurate, Technical Designs

Most exhibition organisers will use uniform measurements for the stand sizes on offer but some venues and organisers may have unique requirements. Your professional stand designer will be able to work with the measurements that you have, consider the size and dimensions of the exhibition and they will produce the best possible end result.


Attempting to create your own exhibition stand or recycling existing stands may prove effective, but for the most effective and the most memorable results you should aim for a custom and unique stand design. Exhibition stand contractors RS Displays will discuss your requirements with you, incorporate your branding and create a design that will help you to win business, attract prospects and promote your brand.