Exhibitions offer a unique means of communicating with potential clients, and can help your business to access leads that it might not otherwise communicate with. As well as ensuring that you set your exhibition targets early, communicate your exhibition stand design ideas accurately, and target the experience to the potential clients that are most likely to see it, you should ensure that you incorporate your corporate brand message throughout the exhibit, your employees, and even the items that you giveaway.


First Impressions Really Do Last

Visitors will associate your brand with the overall image that you portray at your stand. Provide a positive and lasting experience that is relevant to them and you will make a positive and lasting impression that will help to drive conversions. If your exhibition stand design is generic, inappropriate, or otherwise lax, this is how visitors will remember your brand too.


The Wow Factor

Try to create something hard hitting that catches the attention, in order to attract exhibition visitors to your specific stand. This could be anything from a replica of the inside of a car to a relaxed coffee shop environment. Ensure that it is relevant to your brand, and that it is relevant and appealing to your prospects. Custom designs do not have to cost your entire annual marketing budget, but they will make a big difference to the effectiveness of your exhibition marketing.


Avoid Generic Messages, Images, Designs…

Avoid generic messages, generic photos, and generic designs. Using pre-cut templates can help to save money, but one of your primary goals with exhibition stand design is to stand out from the crowd. Most exhibitions are a collection of people and businesses offering similar services and products, and if your brand doesn’t stand out, then it will be forgotten about come the end of the day.


Recreate Your Brand Values

Remember that branding is more than putting your logo and business name on a banner. If you want to be thought of as a friendly and helpful service, then this is the message that you need to convey. If you want potential clients to think of your brand as cutting edge, and offering the very latest solutions, then an ultra-modern exhibition stand design will help portray this image. Similarly, the employees and team members that staff your stand should portray a similar image, and so too should any giveaways, freebies, and incentives that you provide.


Relay Information With Concise Messages

With so many exhibits to view, even the most attentive visitors may quickly become tired of looking at the same old thing, and by the time they have walked around dozens of stands, they may give your stand only a fleeting glance. Ensure that your branding, your marketing message, and your call to action are concise and straight to the point. Ensure that visitors know what to expect, and what you expect from them. Think of your stand design as pre-selling, but bear in mind that sales may not be your ultimate goal – if you are exhibiting in a bid to increase your lead pipeline, then sign-ups, registrations, or having visitors provide their contact details may be your target.


Exhibition Stand Design

Exhibitions can provide access to a stream of qualified leads, but to enjoy this level of success, you must ensure that every element of your exhibition marketing is done properly and done well. Spend a little extra time and resources on your exhibition stand design, and you could reap the rewards for some time to come.