Trade shows and exhibitions are a powerful way to build relationships with potential clients, increase awareness of your brand and bring in new leads. However, your competition also knows this and will probably be setting up nearby and even stands offering wildly different products competing for the attention of everyone who walks by. To get the most out of any exhibition or trade show you need to maximize the way you use your trade stand.

Let’s take a look at ten exhibition tips to help you gain more leads in 2015:


Practice your setup
Success at an exhibition starts before you’ve even arrived. If you are setting up your stand yourself don’t leave anything to chance – practice beforehand! Alternatively engage with a team of professionals who can design and set up your stand for you.


Invite existing prospects to visit you
You should already have a number of prospective customers that you are in the process of engaging with and should invite them to your stand. Even if they have previously shown little interest a face to face conversation at a trade show can overcome many objections.


Be organized and prepared
Get to the venue in plenty of time, double check you have everything you need and prepare for any question you might get from a visitor to your stand. The more prepared you are the better your day will go.


Dress well
Normally you should expect to dress as well as or better than the customers you are hoping to attract. Don’t let scruffiness ruin your chances of closing a deal! If you notice all your prospective customers are wearing smarter clothes than you it might be time to upgrade your wardrobe.


Don’t go alone
One of the best exhibition tips is to not go alone to a trade fair – ever. Many people go alone which inevitably means that their stand will be left unattended at some points of the day when they need to get food or visit the bathroom. Take an extra person so your stand is always covered.


Have an eye-catching display
Attract visitors to your stand with a well-designed display. A great display is worth the investment because it will draw customers in and help you project a high quality image of your company.


Be creative to attract visitors
You don’t have to stop at simple displays – how else can you attract visitors? Use light, sound and screens to appeal to people in different ways. The more interesting and professional your stand the more likely someone will come over to check it out.


Display information for potential customers to read
While you do want to engage people face-to-face some visitors will just want to read some information before having a conversation. Additionally by building informative displays potential customers will have something to read if you are busy talking to someone else. The longer you keep them at your stand the more likely you’ll be able to engage them in a productive conversation.


Giveaways can help promote your brand
A unique useful giveaway can help promote your brand long after the show has finished.


Capture details so you can follow up
The most important exhibition tip of all – don’t forget to ask prospects for their contact details sothey can enter your sales funnel.


If you need any further information about making your exhibition a success please get in touch on 01302 802080, we will be more than happy to help!